boat storage
An Affordable Option To Boat Storage In A Marina

Winter is coming, and that means boat storage is right around the corner. The question for boat owners, then and always, is this: which boat storage alternative is the best? Which provides the best protection for your boat and, as is always the case, which offers the best value for your storage dollars? We will tackle those questions in this…

winterize your boat before boat storage
How To Winterize Your Boat Before Boat Storage

No matter where you choose to store your boat during the off-season, there are a number of steps you must take to winterize that boat before boat storage.  The following is a helpful list of those steps every boat owner should take to winterize their boat before putting it into storage. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the…

Affordable indoor boat storage
An Inexpensive Alternative To Marina Boat Storage

As with the storage of anything, boat storage prices range from very cheap to very expensive. In Fort Worth, where this article originates, boat storage can be found for as little as $69 per month, and it can be found for as much as $600 per month.  Marinas typically cost a bit more than other dry storage, from $7 to…